Pass 3 On: A new year, new start and a new family

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A new year and new opportunities to Pass 3 On. The first Pass 3 On of 2012 is one that will restore your faith in the kindness of strangers.

I met Ann Mebane-Seals, or Miss Ann as I like to call her, while standing outside a Food Lion on Park Road Thursday morning.

Miss Ann had seen Pass 3 On before and knew exactly how she wanted to pay it forward.

He's really trying to turn his life around and this wonderful couple just took him," she told me. "He's 19 and it touched my heart so because I think he's going to be on the right track."

Miss Ann said Hugh Tellechea had just moved down here from New York with no place to stay until a local pastor and his wife took him in.

"He's also attending a GED program so he can get that," she said about the young man she had only met five days ago.

"The way it touched my heart," she recalled. "Beyond all that, I'm a mother of five sons and I know you never give up on them and it's never too late."

Once we got to where Tellechea lived, the young man was overwhelmed by Miss Ann's act of kindness.

"I started to fast so I felt like God's appreciation toward what I'm doing for him so I just wanna thank God for everything he has done," he said. "Thank you so much, God bless."

Tellechea also thanked God for bringing Jean Samuel and her husband into his life giving him the opportunity for a fresh start.

He came to us unexpectedly," said Samuel. "Just showed up on our doorstep And I decided that I would give him a chance because everyone deserves a chance."

The chance not only to receive a blessing but also the kind of chance that comes with new year: a clean slate where the possibilities are endless.

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