Where will you hold most of your debt in 2012?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Maybe for you it's the mortgage or the car payment.  It might be the credit card.  We all hold our debt in different places.  Some debt is a necessary evil and other debt comes from our own financial missteps.

At United Family Services in Charlotte, Charisma Jones is seeing some changes already in 2012 as it relates to the needs of the people coming to her office for help.

"I'm getting less and less people in here whose focus is credit card debt.  Now it is mainly budgeting," Jones said.

They're trying to meet all of their daily expenses, sometimes sliding some other important bills to the side for now.

"You know what else I'm seeing is a lot more student loan debt.  It's been surprising in the last year and a half.  I've been here 11 years and it used to be, maybe, $5,000 in debt.  Now, it's as much as $80,000," Jones added.

She's working with people who have student loan payments higher than their mortgage payments and she says many of those loans are privately held.  They have a set of rules different than a government loan with fewer options to defer and less flexibility.  Jones says that could get you into more trouble if you don't pay so debt like that has to be a priority.

"Make a list of what you owe and focus on what is going to hurt you the most if you don't pay it," Jones advises.

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