Good News: Woman named small town roads

CATAWBA, SC (WBTV) - When a county official came into Dot Faris' post office and asked her to name every road in the town, she said she'd give it a try.

"I thought it sounded like something pretty interesting to try," said Faris who's last name is now Whiteside.

Back then, Faris was the postmaster for the tiny South Carolina town of Catawba. She took on the task of re-naming hundreds of roads that until then, only had rural route numbers for reference.

Some she named after people, some after landmarks, and a few got named after flowers. That's when the job got a little harder. Roads that don't have any people living on them or any landmarks to look at had to have a little more creative thought applied.

Now 86, Whiteside says she's honored to have been chosen for such a task. Especially since many of the names she picked out more than 30 years ago, still stand on road signs today.

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