See, Click, Fix: Mysterious Missing Sidewalk Fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's the case of the mysterious missing sidewalk which left some viewers wondering:  why did a sidewalk come up short of going all the way to the street corner in west Charlotte?

It did seem a bit strange.

For no apparent reason the sidewalk along Lumina Avenue ended well before getting to the corner at Ashley Road.

One viewer wrote: "The sidewalk is incomplete...causing people to walk on dirt or in street, several people who are wheelchair bound have to go into street to get across Ashley Road to Walmart because sidewalk not being complete to corner. Have seen several cars swerve to miss people who have to go into street to cross Ashley Rd. "

That was in March of 2011.

But this is a new year...and now a new sidewalk!

The sidewalk along Lumina Avenue is now complete all the way to Ashley Road.  It was finished within the last month.

What took so long?

According to Charlotte's DOT, there were construction easements that had to be worked out with the property owner as well as a survey of the property.

Once that was completed crews were able to finally get out and install the rest of the sidewalk.

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