See, Click, Fix: Charlotte DOT makes change to intersection

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The intersection is right in front of Legacy Apartments and Family Dollar headquarters at Gander Cove Lane and Monroe Road.

The problem is it's difficult to cross because there is no crosswalk. Also, when the time comes to cross you have less than 10 seconds before the light turns green again.

It's especially difficult for the viewer who wrote See, Click, Fix about the problem because they are in a wheelchair. So they're asking See, Click, Fix to get something changed. (Click here to read original story.)

We brought it to the attention of Charlotte DOT. Officials really took the time to review the matter and decided to make an immediate change. The timing of the light has been reset to give pedestrians more time to cross.

CDOT says it is also continuing to explore other possible options to make crossing that part of Monroe Road easier and safer. We will keep following up with them as well.

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