"Occupy" numbers dwindle during holiday week, cold weather

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -- City Councilman Andy Dulin said he wanted to get a headcount on the number of campers at the Occupy Charlotte protest, which has been going on close to 100 days.

"Put on my rain shoes and rain hat, and went down there," he said about his trip Tuesday morning. It was pouring down rain, the temperatures struggling to reach the 50's.

"I counted 43 tents," he said, and a total of five people.

Protester Daniel Best was one of the few who weathered the storm. "It was rough," he said. Best admitted it makes the encampment look bad, when other Occupiers abandon their tents.

That's one reason Dulin is supportive of a proposed city ordinance to regulate camping. "I would stand in front of train to protect their right to protest," he said. However, Dulin added that protestors should not be able to treat their tents as a dwelling where they can freely come and go.

Dulin said the city ordinance needed tweaking before the Occupiers settled into the old city hall lawn.

He expects a new ordinance will be passed in the next two months.

The encampment is two blocks away from where the DNC will be held in September.