See, Click, Fix: Bridge separating from road

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A lot of traffic crosses the Sugar Creek Road bridge over Interstate 85 in north Charlotte.

And every vehicle that crosses the bridge also crosses a huge gap that runs across the entire six lanes of the bridge.

The gap is about eight inches wide and as deep as six inches or more in some areas.

One viewer wrote, calling it a "trench" that is "very dangerous to vehicles. I have slid sideways after hitting this trench. Can something be done to solve this problem?"

The answer is YES!  The issue is being See, Click, FIXED!

I contacted the NC DOT and a bridge engineer told me the bridge is designed to have separation between the bridge deck and the approach slab.

But he tells me the bridge joint material that fills in the opening between the two is failing and needs replacement.

NC DOT tells me the issue will be resolved and the joints will be replaced.

A meeting was held last week to review the matter and schedule the repair work.

Now weather could possibly play a role in how soon it can be taken care of, but I'm told the work will happen as soon as possible.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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