School play with an extraordinary ending

ICARD, NC (WBTV) - Before Icard Elementary's Christmas Play kicked off, 8 year-old Landon McCarter was quite vocal about this feelings on the matter, "I like to watch them, I just hate having to go up there and be in them."

But the 3rd grader grinned and beared it and sang along with his classmates.

His mother watched nervously from the audience. She knew there was much more than a play going on Tuesday night.

"He's either going to freak out, or just stand there," said Lindsey McCarter.

Only a handful of people knew about the ending. The principal told the audience there would be one more song played. A man came up with a guitar and started to sing Blake Shelton's "Home" for the crowd.

From behind a small partition, dressed in his fatigues, Landon's dad showed himself. And the little guy who hated plays, probably doesn't feel that way anymore.

Check out the video for the rest of the story.

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