See, Click, Fix: CDOT reviewing viewer concerns about intersection

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The bus stop the See, Click, Fix viewer uses to catch the CATS bus is across the street from Legacy Apartments and directly in front of the Family Dollar headquarters at Gander Cove Lane and Monroe Road.

"Anonymous" writes to us at saying, "I am mobility challenged and use an electric wheelchair... There is no crosswalk or light for pedestrians..."

That's just the beginning of the issue. For the light to even change to cross Monroe Road, someone has to pull out of Legacy Apartments or the Family Dollar to trip the light.

WBTV's Christine Nelson tried crossing the street too and found there is only about 8 to 10 seconds to cross the road. In fact Nelson had pick up the pace as she crossed because the light for traffic coming toward her turned green as she was still crossing the final lane of Monroe Road.

"I barely made it!," Nelson comments.

It's consistent with this what this viewer, who again uses a wheelchair, goes on to say in her note to See, Click, Fix ,"...the light is not long enough for me to safely cross the street... I have had several very close calls and am afraid (for) my safety."

We did some more digging and found out Charlotte DOT maintains these lights and would be the agency that considers whether a crosswalk is necessary here.

We have brought this to their attention hoping in the meantime this is truly not a spot where an accident is waiting to happen.

Charlotte DOT began looking at this intersection as soon as we told them about it. In fact Christine Nelson has been exchanging several emails with them as they try to pinpoint what the best plan of action is, if any. Right now DOT engineers are still reviewing the matter.

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