Smart phone sales soaring

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A survey by Nielsen shows that 43% of people carry smart phones.

In fact other studies show there are more wireless devices connected to a network in this country than there are people.  The average American carries 1.05 wireless phones, according to CTIA The Wireless Association.  Increasingly, those phones are smart phones.

The new AT & T store at the Arboretum in South Charlotte is a sign of the times.

"It's larger because we're selling more smart phones," said Josh Gelinas, regional spokesperson for the company.

In fact the store is twice as large as it's former Arboretum location.  AT & T is set to break a record for smart phone sales this quarter.  Already it has sold six million and there is still half of December to get through.  The previous record for the company was 6.1 million smart phones.

"The price has come down so low and its capable of doing so much now its just easier and better," Gelinas said.

Still with 43% of people using smart phones, that leaves 57% who still need some convincing.

"I'm old fashioned if I want to meet you for lunch I'm going to pick up the phone and say do you want to get a lunch and that will be that," said Jane Cook who still uses an old-fashioned flip phone.