Discounted Gift Cards

CHARLOTTE, NC- (WBTV) A recent survey by the National Retail Federation found, of those polled, 8 out of ten shoppers will choose gift cards as presented.  There are so many reasons they work, most think it gives the receiver a chance to buy something they really need.  And in this economy, getting gifts that are useful is better than ever.

We found a web site where you can purchase gift cards, and merchandise receipts at discounted rates. describes itself as a gift card marketplace.  The web site promises the cards do not expire and there are no fees attached.  We found gift cards from popular stores all over the country. 

Kathleen Crowley relies on gift cards now more than ever.  "Now that the kids are grown I use them a lot.  I like to give them because I know the kids or whoever can go and get what they really like," Crowley told me.  She'd just purchased a twenty five dollar gift card from Best Buy at Northlake Mall.  "I love it, it has this little matchbox car attached to it," she said.  We didn't find any twenty-five dollar cards to Best Buy on Cardpool, but we did find them for other retailers. 

The web site also sells merchandise credit.  For example, when we checked there was an Anthropology merchandise credit for $245.78 for sale for $208.91 cents.  A considerable savings if you're spending a lot.  But with smaller dollar amount cards, we found the discount drops.  Gap cards, for instance, were discounted about six percent.

But when I talked with shoppers at Northlake, they told me any savings helps. Leena Drew shops late, so she's really interested in saving money. "Generally I don't start ahead of time like I'm supposed to I usually don't start until black Friday so any kind of deals I are good for me."

But if online shopping isn't for you most malls in our area, like Northlake, sell their own gift cards.  If you're interested in learning more about Northlake Mall's gift card sales, click here.