Why buy toys when you can rent them?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At just 14 months old, Marian Tison's little boy is already crazy for toys.

"They know what toys are immediately," Tison said.

However this family goes through the same thing every other family does.

"There are a lot of toys out there you buy and he loses interest immediately.  We have had this issue where you don't know what he'll love until you try it," she added.

That's why she's intrigued with this new online service called Toygaroo.

It's being called the Netflix of toys because you pay a fee  to have boxes of toys shipped right to your door.

"We've got over 500 toys on the site and they can add those toys to their toy pouch, which is similar to the Netflix queue, and put them in the order they'd like to receive them. We ship them a box of toys right to their door with free shipping," said Nikki Pope who came up with the idea.

There are no late fees, no due dates, and when the kids get bored you can send those toys back and get more.  Pope claims many of the toys on her site are available in popular toy stores now.

Matthew Kennedy has three nieces and a nephew for whom he buys toys.  In theory he likes the idea of renting toys.

"The only thing I'd be concerned about is sterilization and making sure they're clean," Kennedy said.

Toygaroo makes a No Yuck Factor promise on its website.  Each toy is steam cleaned, disinfected, inspected and shrink wrapped before it's sent out.

"More than the money you save by renting toys instead of buying them, what I think is a great part of the service is that we'll free up some space in our house by sending back the toys he won't play with," said Tison.

Fees to rent the toys start at approximately $24.  Pope says if a child really likes a particular toy that is sent in the mail and can't stand to send it back, parents can purchase that toy at a reduced price.