See, Click, Fix: Missing metal base at water fountain never replaced

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The water fountain in question is at Briarwood Park in Charlotte. It stands just steps away from the park playground, which is also adjacent to Briarwood Elementary School.

Tasha writes to See, Click, Fix at "...the bottom of it is open it is very dangerous anybody can fall into that hole and get hurt!"

And she's right. Seeing it in person it's about a 2-3 foot drop.

A kid, even an adult could really hurt themselves on this platform trying to get a drink of water. WBTV's Christine Nelson proceeded to take some pictures of the problem to send to Mecklenburg County Park and Rec. And the response was immediate. he county called and sent an email stating:

"Thanks for letting us know about the vault section that was removed. We will have it cautioned off and a replacement part installed by noon."

After you reported it to See, Click, Fix. The problem is now solved.

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