Man volunteers to pick up trash

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - Many cars pass by Sidney Brown everyday and don't even know what he's doing. The 69 year old West C Street man doesn't mind, as long as he knows he's helping keep his neighborhood clean.

"If they throw it down I'm going to pick it up so I guess that takes care of that. Because I don't want my neighborhood to look like a junk pile," said Brown as he took a break from picking up road-side litter.

He started 9 years ago perusing the streets with an orange bag picking up refuse other people throw away. He never gets paid, and the cars that whiz by don't much stop to say thank you. But other people do. He says lots of people from his church thank him for a job well done.

Brown picks up trash along a two-mile stretch from Echo Street to Dale Earnhardt Blvd. He says it's what keeps him going and he says, as long as people still throw trash out the window, he'll keep picking it up.

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