Stretching Your Dollar: Little black dress for less

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Do you have an invite to a holiday party but don't want to blow your budget on a dress?  You don't have to brave the mall madness to be fabulous at your company Christmas party!

We went to the Goodwill store on South Boulevard in Charlotte.  There we met Kristina Barnwell and Rene Barns.

They were shopping for household goods, but when we gave them a challenge to find a party dress, they jumped at the chance.

"I've found them for different occasions weddings, parties and church.  I really think they're awesome awesome deals!" Barnwell told us.

Kirstina and Rene went through the rack of party dresses and in a matter of minutes they each found one they'd wear to a Christmas party. "This one with a cute jacket and some boots and tights," Kristina said, holding a nice cotton strapless dress that was marked only $4.95!

Rene found a black halter dress with a rhinestone embellishment that she said was the perfect "LBD" or Little Black Dress.  "Get this, add some shoes and for less than ten dollars you have a whole outfit," Barns told me.

I visited the Goodwill on Sardis Road North and in less than ten minutes found five beautiful party dresses.

One chiffon and satin dress from Simply Vera Wang is a timeless design that with some nice sandals would make the perfect statement at a holiday party.  But you can feel good knowing you haven't spent a fortune.

We even found a satin electric blue fitted dress that still had the Marshall's price tags on it.  That dress along with the others cost me only $47.

The beauty about shopping at Goodwill, your money goes to help so many in our community.  The Career Development Center on Freedom Drive offers free computer classes to people who are trying to expand their skill set to enhance their job opportunities.

I called all six local Goodwill stores in the Charlotte area and each one told me they have plenty of holiday dresses to choose from.  So spend just a little and make a huge impact at your party, and impact lives of those in need.  A great combination this holiday season!

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