See, Click, Fix: Sidewalk problem times two

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  This is the story of a sidewalk times two.  I started looking into one problem which then led me to another problem.

Two sidewalks in south Charlotte with two different looks but each one needing the same thing.

And that is:  they need to be fixed.

There's a slab missing from a section of sidewalk on North Sharon Amity Road.  The area is covered with leaves and grass and it makes it hard for someone walking along here to see the problem before stepping into it!

A viewer writes about the missing section: "This is a problem. I got off the bus and was walking around the corner and twisted my ankle. This needs to be fixed quickly."

And while I was checking out that section of sidewalk, I found something else in an area of sidewalk not too far away along Randolph Road at Greenwich Road.

Unlike the section of sidewalk on Sharon Amity, it was clear the sidewalk on Randolph road needed repair as it was broken and busted along several feet.

So I contacted the City of Charlotte DOT and it wasn't long before street maintenance crews were sent to check out the situation.

Following a few weather delays I am now happy to report BOTH sidewalks are being See, Click, Fixed!

City crews didn't waste any time so kudos to them for taking quick action to get things taken care of.

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of miles of sidewalks in Charlotte and only a limited number of repair crews, so patience is sometimes necessary when there's a problem out there.

In this case we were able to get things taken care of in a timely fashion!

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