Davidson plans wild goose chase from park

DAVIDSON, NC (WBTV) - Roosevelt Wilson Park in Davidson is the scene of something quite nasty. Lots and lots of goose poop. The wild geese made the park home quite some time ago, but town officials are now deciding to get rid of the problem.

Littered along sidewalks and trails in the park, are goose dropping that sometimes make a nuisance for guests and residents who live nearby.

"Sometimes you come out here to get a little exercise a little walk around the park,  sometimes you can't help but stepping on it," said one neighbor.

Town officials have hired a Charlotte business called "Goosebusters" to come eradicate the problem. The business touts its humane methods of goose removal using Border Collies, to politely coax the birds into moving. The dogs don't attack the birds, they just go near them with an aggressive stance that scares the birds into leaving.

The company plans to start Saturday and say the process may take several weeks and visits to get the birds to leave.