BBB warns ACC fans of fake tickets

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte's Better Business Bureau is warning fans to beware of people selling phony tickets to this weekend's ACC Championship game.

Clemson and Virginia Tech fans have already started filtering in to the Queen City. Many of them without tickets to the sell-out game.

"The allure is there for scammers to take advantage of what comes down to supply and demand," said Tom Bartholomey, BBB Carolina's Chief.

There are three ways to buy tickets now, from sellers outside the Bank of America Stadium on game day, secondary ticket sellers like StubHub and RazorGator, or you can try your luck on Craigslist. Bartholomey warns though, Craigslist is the last place he'd go for tickets.

"All the precautions you can take are basically out the window because you're going to meet somebody that you don't know, days before the event takes place and you don't have any knowledge at all that what your buying is going to be valid when you step up to that gate."

Many fans will find success in buying from scalpers outside the gate, but BBB warns not to buy blocks away, as there are more scammers lurking farther away from the venue.

Finally, Bartholomey says he'd probably go for a sale on one of the secondary sights for his tickets. Right now, StubHub has game tickets, but their priced at $109. You'll pay more for these tickets but Bartholomey says at least you're guaranteed you'll get in the gate.