PSI: Searching for a repairman

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - It looked for all the world that Ron Watts had thrown away his money. He had a leaky dishwasher he needed fixed.

"I just searched on the internet," said Watts.

It's where he found Henderson Appliance and TV Repair.  The on-line ad said it was a local, family owned business.

"A 704 number, local zip the whole story," said Watts. "(I) gave them a call. They guy was prompt. He came out that afternoon."

The dishwasher simply had a bad hose and a work order was written up.  The repairs would cost about $200.  Watts was asked to pay $114 up front.  He wrote a check out to Michael Henderson on October 21st.  It was cashed the same afternoon.

Watts said Henderson told him he would be back personally to do the repairs once the part arrived.  Watts said he was told it would be a couple of days.  It's been nearly a month.

"I've left probably 25 voice mail messages on various numbers," said Watts.

Henderson Appliance and TV Repair is a company with a lot of phone numbers, but just one address.  The company is run out of a mobile home on Ridgecrest Street in Gastonia.  A young woman was home when WBTV knocked on the door.  She said she was aware of an issue with a customer, but said we needed to talk to Henderson.  She said she would tell him to call us back.

It turns out, just a couple hours later, it was the Watts' phone that rang.  Henderson said he wanted to come out and finish the job.  Watts told him he just wanted his money back.

"If I get my check I'll run it through Wells Fargo and see what happens," said Watts.

Watts didn't have to worry about a check clearing the bank.  Henderson stopped by the Watts' home Monday afternoon with cash in hand.

Henderson declined WBTV's invitation to do an on-camera interview.  He said he didn't see the point in doing one given the problem was fixed.  As for what happened, he says family issues led to the delays.

The Better Business Bureau suggests you go to its website to check a company's track record before hiring a repair service.

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