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Folks fed up with Congress after 'super committee' failure

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- The frustration of the American people is clear when the so-called super committee's failure to reach a compromise Monday.

Charlotte resident Martin Gillette is fed up.

"People have bills, people have debt," he pointed out. "It's the holidays. There's enough stress going on without a bunch of rich white guys worrying about being rich white guys."

The bipartisan special joint committee said Monday in a statement, "after months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee's deadline."

Since they can't agree on how to slash $1.2 trillion dollars from the budget, deep cuts are looming including military spending, specifically, a huge chunk of the Pentagon's budget.

June Lathers, another Charlottean says it about perspective.

"You know if I'm struggling to make ends meet, I'm looking at both income and expenses I find it very frustrating that they're not considering both options," she said.

The inability to compromise seems awfully dicey going into an election year but Lathers thinks it may be just the push the American public needs.

"We see the Occupy Wall street folks taking a stand and voicing their opinions, and maybe the average American will take that to the ballot and the voting booth," she said.

Legally, the committee has until midnight Wednesday to reach an agreement but because of legislative reasons, a deal needed to be announced Monday afternoon.

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