Stretching Your Dollar: Making every morsel count

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This Thanksgiving, Chef Jim Noble and hundreds of volunteers will serve a holiday meal to close to 2,500 people in need.

Noble, who has been in the restaurant business in Charlotte for over 26 years, felt moved through his faith to give back.

A few years ago he took a leap of faith to start, King's Kitchen.  A not-for-profit restaurant where all the money made, goes back to help feed the hungry.  Noble's passion for his faith in Christ has turned a heartfelt mission he shared with his wife Karen, into a full-blown ministry.

When you are feeding the poor in large numbers you have to learn how to make every bite count.  That is why I asked Chef Noble for advice on making the most of our Thanksgiving turkey.

His first suggestion, don't use a rack. Instead chop in large chunks three onions, a head of celery, and a bag of carrots.

Let your turkey rest on those veggies as support while cooking.  Once you've cooked your turkey, strain the drippings from those veggies and put them aside.

They will be the base for your Turkey Sugo.  One of the pasta sauces Chef Noble sells at his popular South Park location

Use your turkey bones to make a stock, I simmered mine in my crock pot over night.  Strain, remove the meat and bones.

Take those veggies that were under your turkey, along with 1 1/2 cups of the stock and put in blender.

Puree all the veggies and transfer to pot.  Add a small can of tomato paste and more broth to thing out sauce.

Add salt and pepper to taste, along with a pinch of oregano.  Simmer for about 20 minutes adding more broth if you need to thin it out.  The turkey that you have left over chop or shred into sauce.

Serve over linguini or spaghetti with parmesan cheese and some nice crusty bread.  The only cost of this meal aside from what you bought for turkey day, a can of tomato paste.

Delicious! Thank you Chef Noble for all you do to help me in my dream to one day really cook, but especially for all you do for the needy and the poor.

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