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Botox alternative uses skin cells

A new and longer lasting filler for facial wrinkles uses cells from your own body, unlike other popular options like Botox.

Beverly Lauer hopes younger looking skin is right around the corner. Lauer says, "I'm in my 40's - beginning to see those fine lines."

Her doctor - who is also her boss - she's a nurse - sent some of her own skin cells to a lab to be multiplied. When they come back, he'll inject them into her smile lines.

"By injecting these fibroblasts back into the dermis - their home - they can continue to produce collagen and stimulate the cells around them to produce collagen," says Dr. Gilly Munavalli. He says that means this filler lasts longer than others.

It's called LaViv, and Dr. Munavalli says it's natural. "People say they don't want toxins or things injected in me - I don't know what they are - and these are your own cells."

Right now, it's just for smile lines, but it could one day be used to fill any fine lines in the face.

Pharmacist Carl Craddock was a part of the clinical trial three years ago. He says, "I think it's held up very well - I've been pleased with it. I think I look better than I did three years ago."

And after trying other line filling treatments, that's the kind of success Beverly is hoping for.

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