Fitness gadgets that really work

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From the Shake Weight to toning shoes we all want a quick fix to get fit.  However, we found some fitness gear that isn't just the latest gimmick and we know that because we put it to the test.

Mike May let us try out four products during a visit to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando.  This is where athletes of all ages and all sports play and train every day.

"There are dynamic products that make it to retail and some that don't.  Why one works is a mystery sometimes," May said.

May works for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.  SGMA is the trade association of sports and fitness brands, and according to it's website "enhances industry vitality and fosters sports and fitness participation through research, thought leadership, product promotion and public policy."

He explains that millions of Americans are working out .  Most choose health clubs and those between the ages of 20 and 35 seem to like group exercise classes most.   However many of us are still working out alone these hot gadgets can help.

May showed us nearly a dozen products and we chose the four we thought were most unique.

Below is a list of the four gadgets we reviewed for this story.  You can click on each to learn more about the product.  The links do not necessarily take you directly to the official product website, they are simply a jumping-off point to get more information about each.

Court Grip

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