Six apartments evacuated after driver crashes into building

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In the daylight, residents of The Slopes apartment complex get a better look at the damage done to their homes after an SUV crashed into two buildings.

"Seeing it in the nighttime, you couldn't really see..but seeing it now - I can't believe what my eyes are seeing," Charisse Barber said.

Police say there were three men in the SUV when hit it a tree and crashed through the front gate around 2 a.m. Monday morning.

Officials say the impact sent the wrought iron fence flying twenty yards.

That's when officers say the SUV drifted slightly right, went through the bedroom of a downstairs unit where a man's daughter was supposed to be sleeping.

The truck then began to roll, and crashed through another apartment in an adjoining building.  Neighbors said the entire building shook violently.

An accident report estimates the driver of the SUV was going 80 miles around a curve before losing control.

Some residents say this isn't the first accident where someone was going too fast for this curve.

"They need to slow down...of else they're going to hurt somebody..a child or something," Sonya White said.

James Barber Junior's daughter had decided to stay up late and was in the other room working on the computer when the accident happened.

"It look like Beirut out here," Barber said, as his daughter wept uncontrollably behind him.  "We're all lucky to be alive. We heard a loud explosion."

"That's where her bed was," he said while pointing at the rubble.  "I don't even see the bed.  The bed is disintegrated."

"Really emotional thing you know - knowing that I could've lost my baby or me and my husband could've lost our lives," Charisse Barber said.

Medics said three men inside the vehicle climbed out then took off running up the street.  They were caught by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police a short time later.

All three were checked out by first responders, MEDIC said they transported one with life-threatening injuries with trauma to the head.

Three other people at the apartment complex had to be treated by emergency crews for their injuries.

Firefighters quickly evacuated six units in total because of fears they were no longer structurally sound.

James Barber could only stand back behind the police yellow tape, and stare at his daughter's bed, now pinned under the truck's wheel.

"I don't know what to say about this one, but thank you Jesus."

No charges were filed as of late Monday.

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