Stretching Your Dollar: Register for the Holidays

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  - Who hasn't opened a gift on Christmas and wondered, "What were they thinking?"

With less than fifty shopping days until Christmas, all of us are trying to figure out what to give to the ones we love.

That's where comes in.  We are used to the concept of people registering for their weddings, but why not the holidays? 

Then the gifts you buy will be gifts they want or gifts they need and not a waste of money.  My Registry allows you to build a 'wish-list' of gifts you would love to get.

Setting up a free account is pretty simple, some basic shipping information and an email address.  No requests for financial information.

Once you've added the site to your tool bar 'favorites' every time you see something you like or need, you click on an 'add to my registry' button and the information goes right to you wish list.

My Registry is like a digital 'letter to Santa'.

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