See, Click, Fix: Additional safety improvements at intersection

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - We're going back to a busy intersection to check on improvements to help make you safer.

Call it:  See, Click...FIXED!

There are quite a few changes at the intersection of Margrace Road and Kings Mountain Boulevard in Kings Mountain.

The changes are in addition to safety improvements I first told you about in February when the state had installed rumble strips, a painted warning in the roadway, and signs indicating a stop was ahead.

At the time, Kings Mountain resident Jeff Baumgarner said, "I've been living here about a year. I'd say it's a dangerous intersection, because there's no caution light coming from either side of the main road..."

Although the state didn't put up lights at the busy intersection, it has made additional safety improvements.

There are now four new traffic islands along Margrace Road, to help manage the flow of traffic.

Traffic delineators have been put on the islands to make them more noticeable.

New stop signs have been installed.

Before these latest changes, the stop signs were off to the right of the road.  Now the stop signs are in the road on a traffic island and are much more visible.

New yield signs have also been put up where there were none before.

New directional signs have also been painted in the roadway.

State DOT engineers say traffic volume along Margrace Road just isn't enough to warrant a traffic signal.

So although it's not everything some folks had hoped for, the additions are expected to improve the safety at the intersection.

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