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Sheriff: Hazing allegations at Clover High were "just mere horseplay"

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - An investigation into allegations of hazing at Clover High School are now being called "typical locker room horseplay."

During a press conference on Thursday morning, York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant says the Sheriff's Office investigation into three incidents of hazing at Clover High School were nothing like what the rumor mill said.

The accusations of hazing came to light on October 7 and shortly after the allegations surfaced, ten high school football players were suspended from school for a week and permanently removed from the football team.

According to Solicitor Kevin Brackett, there was one incident that happened in the school's locker room on September 19 between the end of school and the start of football practice. Brackett says a broomstick was involved in the incident, but was never used and there was no sexual assault.

Brackett said after the incident a "renegade rumor" began to spread through the school and the victim finally came forward on October 6.  The investigation showed that the victim was laughing and joking with teammates after the incident, and was even found to be an antagonizer at times.

"If we could have proved an malice or intent we would have moved forward with charges," Brackett told WBTV on Thursday.

Clover School District Superintendent Marc Sosne says there will be no disciplinary action against the coaches because the incident happened before practice when the coaches were not in the locker room.

Ten of the 13 players involved in the allegations returned to school on October 17 after a week-long suspension.  Several members have also been allowed to rejoin the football team.

All of the players involved in the allegations are seniors, according to school officials.  Three seniors will not return to Clover High School, but will be able to graduate from the school.  Sosne says they will continue their education at an alternative school.

The initial allegations involved three separate incidents in the school's locker room involving three different victims. Reports were that two of the victims are 14 and 15-years-old and that all of the incidents carried "sexual threats."

Those rumors were determined to be untrue during the Sheriff's Office and School District's investigations. 

During a conversation with Sosne on Thursday, WBTV was told that the investigation into the allegations showed that Clover High School does not have a culture of hazing. Sosne says the district will not tolerate hazing.

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