See, Click, Fix: Street sign on busy Charlotte road changed

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - Ardrey Kell is one of the busiest roads in South Charlotte, stretching for miles from Lancaster Highway to Providence Road. But its when you come up to the Ardrey Kell and Rea Rd intersection that something isn't quite right.

The two Ardrey Kell signs at first glance look the same. One of them is spelled correctly: A-R-D-R-E-Y. The other one, A-U-D-R-E-Y, is not.

There's actually no "U" in the spelling of Ardrey. The "U" should actually be an "R."

It's not the first misspelled street sign viewers have brought to our attention. This is Margaret Wallace Road where one of the "R's" was missing. We brought it to Charlotte DOT's attention and it was changed the next week.

We were surprised more people haven't noticed this latest anchors get called to the carpet on the air when we don't even pronounce it correctly.

Like one viewer who emailed me one time saying, "You say Audrey (sounds like awdrey). It is spelled with an r after the a and therefore pronounced Ardrey." I was later forgiven for the on-air slip.

And hopefully so will the person who slipped in the letter "U" in the Ardrey Kell street sign instead of the "R."

We called Charlotte DOT and officials know about it. In fact, the agency told me someone was going out to fix it the same day.

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