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Property owners hit hard by Meck. County tax revaluation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- More anger over property tax bills in Charlotte. But it's not coming from just homeowners, business owners getting hit hard by Mecklenburg County's revaluations.

David Perlman emailed WBTV Wednesday about his 2011 property tax bill. He said it jumped a whopping 72 percent from last year's bill.

"I mean that's absurd," he exclaimed.  "It really --and I don't know if I can say this -- but it pisses me off."

Perlman has owned Action Graphics on Morehead Street for more than 20 years and said he can't afford the skyrocketing value of his property.

"In the past, we did a lot of home builders," said Perlman. "They all disappeared so my business is down. Now it's beginning to come back but we've had to re-invent ourselves."

Perlman paid $9,169 in property taxes in 2010. The price tag for this year's bill: $15, 772.18!

While he expected his taxes to increase given his located right across the street from Bank of America stadium, he thinks its excessive because he's surrounded by so many empty buildings.

"If you just take a ride down the street," he said. "You see available, available, available.  It's not like the 90s when everything was booming."

Perlman said he is appealing his revaluation, but in the meantime, he still has to pay up.

He worried about how the spike in property taxes affects the city's small businesses.

"Now we have to allocate funds to try to pay our taxes that we could use to promote our business and grow our business and hire more people," he said.

Mecklenburg County gives you until January 2012 to pay your taxes for this year.

After that, interest is added for every month you fall behind.

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