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Attention deer hunters: Stay safe in your tree stand

You might think it, but the most lethal hunting accident doesn't actually involve a gun. Many deer hunters are being killed each year, and others are breaking their backs, arms and legs, after falling from a tree stand.

"The common misconception is that all hunting incidents involve firearms. The statistics show that you're most likely to be injured falling from a tree stand," says Matthew Long.

In the last two years, 41 people have died across the country after falling from a tree stand.

"If you fall and you're not restrained, you're going to hit the ground - the ground is not forgiving," says Long.

According to Long, taking aim with 'buck fever' is a big cause of falls. "Trying to position yourself for the shot, you're not paying close attention to where your feet are and you step off the platform - there's only one way to go and that's down."

Even just too much of a turn or trying to take a 'bathroom break' off something the size of a door mat can also make you slip.

Long says tree stand safety is taken for granted.

The takeaway - if you're up in a tree stand, wear a safety harness. Then if you do happen to fall, you won't fall as hard.

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