See, Click, Fix: Trucks Despite "No Truck" Signs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's a lot of traffic on Toddville Road, just off Freedom Drive, in west Charlotte.

Not just any traffic, but a lot of tractor-trailer traffic.

And that would seem to be counter to what a sign on the road says.

A round circle with the slash over the truck silhouette means "no trucks".

And if that's not clear enough, just below that sign is one that reads: "Thru Trucks Prohibited Over 2 Axles".

Yet neighbors living in the area contacted See, Click, Fix and tell me big trucks are using the road all the time.

Well, that's what you might expect when you consider this: Not only is a Fed Ex trucking terminal located here off Toddville Road, another complex, home to several trucking companies, is also just off Toddville Road.

No wonder there are so many tractor trailers using this road!

But what's the deal here?

Are all those truckers simply ignoring this sign?

Not according to the city of Charlotte.

According to the DOT, you need to read that sign carefully.

The key word is "Thru Trucks".

DOT says:  "That means trucks that use the road as a shortcut with no destinations on the road, should not be traveling on it.  Trucks with destinations on the road or on a street that can only be accessed by the road cannot be denied access. They are allowed to use the public street to get to their terminals."

So for anyone who thinks that no trucks at all should be traveling along Toddville Road, that is not the case according to the city.  They're fine as long as they're not using Toddville as a cut through.  If they are, they could be ticketed.

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