Tearful teen accused of killing parents wanted to go to Mexico

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Much of Matthew Liewald's journey through the courts is already determined.

A taped confession was played in court Monday morning of the 15-year-old boy accused of shooting his parents.

Matthew Liewald is accused of shooting his parents to death then calling 9-1-1 to report the crime.

Liewald kept his head down the entire time in court and has cried some.

"I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing...I wasn't thinking about the consequences." Liewald says in the taped confession.

Liewald said he was just thinking about running away in the confession.

On Monday his case was moved to Superior Court where he will be tried as an adult.

However, state law shows with probable cause the transfer automatic because the murders are consideres "Class A" felonies.

As she left court, Shelby Hodges, Liewald's biological mom sent a message to her son saying, "I just want to let Matthew know I love him, I always haveā€¦that is all."

Liewald is accused of ambushing his parents in their Pineville home. Police say he shot his stepmom eight times and his dad four times. Both suffered gunshot wounds to their head, face and chest.

A Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer described where he found the bodies of Liewald's father and stepmother in the home. He says Cassie Buckaloo was lying face down, she was not alive and noticed she'd been shot. He says Christian Liewald was face up and he noticed blood around his mouth and body.

Liewald says he was scared of his father, had been recently grounded for missing curfew and wanted to runaway to Mexico.

Liewald's attorney says the teen was subjected to abuse, threats and intimidation by his father and that he didn't necessarily mean to kill Cassie.

His current biological mother has been granted guardianship and his grandparents are planning to file for permanent guardianship.

A judge set a $250,000 bond. If Liewald gets out, he still has to stay in Mecklenburg County and wear an electronic monitoring device. It's unclear where Liewald would stay since both his mom and grandparents live in Rock Hill, SC.

Before Liewald is transferred to another facility, his attorney asked for a psych evaluations. She fears Liewald is suicidal and worries because he isn't sleeping and feels depressed.

The death penalty is also not an option in Liewald's case. If convicted, he would serve automatic life in prison because he was under 18 at the time of the murders.

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