Apps To Help Parents Through Halloween

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From carving a virtual pumpkin to creating spooky sounds and even turning your picture into a zombie's face, there are plenty of smart phone apps available for families to have fun this Halloween.

More important, though, may be the applications that help you track your kids while they're going door to door.

"My ten year old always wants to run ahead of us with his friends and not stay with the group," said April Springs.  She'll be out with her two boys Monday night.

"My son has a cell phone so we use the GPS to make sure he's not too far from us.  His dad is at home watching where he is online and if it looks like he might be getting too far away his dad calls me to make sure everything is okay," Springs said.

A quick search on your favorite search engine will bring up lists of the best-rated apps on the market.  Logging into your smart phone's app store and doing a search for "Halloween" will bring up dozens of options.

At the AT & T store in South Park, they have additional options for parents.  One uses a small GPS device that can be tracked using the wireless network and a tablet or home computer.

"You can create a boundary, almost like drawing a fence, and if they do leave the area that you don't want them to leave, you'll get a text or a phone call or an email letting you know your child has left the boundary," said Josh Gelinas with AT & T.

There's a similar app the company provides for use with a smart phone.

"It's so much different now than when we were young.  What did we do without this technology back then," Springs joked.

Trick or Tracker is just one example of tracking applications.   Click here to learn more about the Family Map tool from AT & T.

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