Pass 3 On: A chance to do more

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- After more than a year of inspiring our community to do more by paying it forward, we decided to go back to the very first place we started to Pass 3 On.

Standing in front of Big Lots on South Boulevard Thursday morning,  I wondered if we would be fortunate to find a story as great as our very first one.

Diana Askew didn't disappoint us even though she was sure my sign was just a gimmick -- at first.

But once I told her it was chance to pay it forward, she knew exactly how she wanted to Pass 3 On.

"Her name is Felecia Robinson," she told me. "It's a lady from my church. I don't wanna put her out there and embarrass anybody, but to my knowledge she's unemployed."

Askew told me she'd already done some things to help Robinson, a single mother of three,  but saw this as her opportunity to do more.

"I used to be a single mother," she recalled. "I'm married now, but I can tell signs from what I went through. She doesn't show any difference that anything is wrong with her but I would love for me to give her that. But I would want to do it undercover. I don't want any recognition because nothing I do is for me."

Still, it didn't take much to convince Askew to do this with our cameras rolling the whole time.

"I wouldn't mind having to give this to her," she said. "I'd feel blessed just having the chance to give it to her."

A few phone calls later, Askew had gotten Robinson to agree to meet her at Piedmont Middle School near Plaza Midwood where both of their daughters are students.

"Are you ready to Pass 3 On," I asked. "I'm ready to Pass 3 On," yelled Askew. "Yeaaa!"

When we met Robinson, she was overcome with tears -- and gratitude.

"It's awesome," she said through her tears. "Sometimes you don't know how you affect people know you're called to do certain things but you don't know if it's really having an effect but when people feel they can bless you like this. This is just an awesome confirmation, an awesome confirmation, wow!

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