See, Click, Fix: Parent wants change to "chaotic" school drop-off

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is what Mallard Creek Elementary School in Charlotte looks like by 7:15 in the morning. Parents waiting in long lines to drop off their little ones off at school. A process one See, Click, Fix viewer calls "unbelievably chaotic."

"So we've got this influx of an additional 100 students and you have all of these parents trying to drop off between a short window of time and it becomes just extremely stressful for me and for my daughter," says Vikki Watts, whose daughter attends Mallard Creek Elementary School.

Vikki tells us there's only a 30-minute window the school gives parents to drop kids off and it takes longer than that to sit through this traffic. So once the second the drop off window closes students are considered late.

"At 7:45 they block that back parking lot off so that you're forced to go around this small circle where maybe 8-10 cars can park, and they make you get out and go sign your child in," Vikki explains.

Vikki has taken some action - writing a letter about the issue to school principal Natalie Lowe, CMS superintendent and the PTA.

But to date, no one can agree on a resolution. So she asked See, Click, Fix to step in.

"I've seen you all resolve other issues not just traffic issues. And so because I'm so desperate to get this situation at least addressed and looked into that's why I reached out to you all," says Vikki.

With no one addressing the issue Vikki says the system will get worse and so will her daughter's attendance record which, she says, is unfair.

We reached out to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to find out what can be done. They responded saying they were looking into the issue but did not give us an official answer in time for our deadline. We will be following up with more calls, until we get an answer.

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