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Coleman Fish Pen: Does it Work?

Have you ever wanted to go fishing on the fly and just didn't have your rod with you? Well, Coleman released their 'Fish Pen' a while back. It's supposedly the world's smallest fishing rod that breaks down small enough to fit in your pocket, just like a pen.

The Coleman 'Fish Pen' unscrews from the top, just like a large ink pen, to unveil the collapsible rod. When pulled out, the rod extends out to about three feet. You have to pull it snug in order for it to lock into place, and then make sure all the rod's eyelets are in line with each other.

Once that's complete, you can easily install the reel, which slides into place in the reel positioners and then locks with a screw.

With all that done, now's the time to thread the line through the eyelets and tie on a hook and sinker or your favorite artificial bait.

We found the 'Fish Pen' to actually be a pretty neat device. It does everything it promises, and is fairly easy to assemble.

One thing we did notice is that with an artificial bait such as a metal spinner bait, the rod is stressed a little. It is probably better to just use a hook and sinker on the rod.

Since we didn't catch a fish during the test, we can't say just how the rod reacts to fighting that lunker back to the boat or dock. But it makes for a good rod for any fisherman on the go.

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