Woman arrested in wreck that killed dad, son may face murder charges

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) -Amie Jo Skeens stood before a judge Wednesday morning at the Burke County Courthouse in Morganton, a tear running down her cheek, hearing a judge tell her she could face jail time if she is convicted of what she is charged with in connection to a deadly wreck Tuesday night.

Skeens, 37, was charged with driving While Impaired and Felony Hit and Run after a wreck on Airport-Rhodhiss Road that left a father and son dead.

Stephen Brent Moody and his son Kevin were riding on a motorcycle with friends just ahead of them on another motorcycle when Skeens, according to Troopers, came around the corner into their lane.

The first motorcycle was sideswiped but the Moody's motorcycle was hit head-on, throwing father and son into the windshield and onto the roadway.

Skeens, according to troopers, left the scene and pulled the vehicle into a wooded area about a mile down the road.

She was spotted by neighbors there and was arrested when authorities arrived on the scene. Brent and Kevin Moody were pronounced dead at the scene of the wreck.

Skeens, say troopers, made a statement to the effect that she was "high." A breathalyzer showed her blood alcohol level at .10, above the legal limit.

Authorities also secured a warrant to take some blood for further tests. Investigators think it's possible she was under the influence of drugs as well at the time of the crash.

Skeens has a history of drug convictions and served probation. In her vehicle were pamphlets for Narcotics Anonymous and a book on the twelve step program the organization uses for recovering addicts.

Late Wednesday afternoon she was served warrants from a 1996 case involving the alleged possession and sale of crack cocaine. Those warrants according to officials were never served at the time. Her name on the warrants is listed as Amie Jo Skeens Thrift.

Investigators say they have more work to do including some DNA testing of the suspect vehicle, both inside and outside. More charges are likely they say against Skeens and the results of the investigation will determine the severity of those charges.

They could range from Felony Death by Vehicle to second Degree Murder.  It could be a few days before a determination on that is made.

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