On the Road: Reed Gold Mine

MIDLAND, NC (WBTV) - Stepping down into the entrance tunnel to the Reed Gold Mine, is like stepping back into time.

The first discovery of gold in the United States was on the same property in Cabarrus County.

Legend has it, back in 1799 John Reed's son found a large and very heavy shiny rock in a creek. Reed took the rock to a friend who told him it was gold and Reed sold it to the friend for $3.50.

The value was discovered to be much more for Reed when 4 years later he started his commercial mining operations.

Today the mine is a hot spot for tourists wanting to see how the North Carolina gold rush helped shape the country. The mine features hundreds of yards of tunnels and narrow shafts where miners once chiseled away looking for the shiny gold rocks.

Reed Mine also has a spot for finding your own gold. For $2.00, you can get a pan of rocks from the creek and see if it holds any riches in the panning area.

The Reed Gold Mine is open Tuesday through Saturday 9AM to 5PM. Admission is free.