More women dying of heart disease

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's National Business Women's Week, and this afternoon, a luncheon at The Omni was full of professionals who are climbing their company ladders right to the top. They gathered to celebrate, but while they dined, they also talked about a darker side to their success.

"There are more women in the workforce than there ever were before, yet women in most cases still do the lion's share of manning the home front," says Dr. Beth Perry, a speaker at the event.

And the stress of it all is literally making them sick. For the first time in modern history, more women are dying of cardiovascular disease than men.

"Unfortunately women are experiencing large and growing numbers of heart attacks and heart failure," says Dr. Russ Greenfield, another speaker.

Just listen to a typical day for Perry.

"I'm up at 5:30 in the morning, get myself ready before I wake my kids up and get them ready, sometimes I drive the neighbors kids, drop kids off at two schools before I get to the office at 8:15," she says, "and I'm fond of saying I feel like I've completed a leg of the amazing race..."

And that's all before her marathon of a workday has even begun.

"What we're asking women to do is not only to the good work at work...not only do the good work at home. But do good work for yourself," Greenfield says.

"Women in general, we tend to feel guilty," adds Perry. "We want to martyr ourselves. And we tend to put ourselves last. And I think women need to pay more attention to their health, and set aside a little bit of time every day for themselves."