One on One with Martin Luther King III

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Having the name Martin Luther King III carries its share of pressure and responsibility.

He was among the headliners this past weekend honoring his late father during the opening of newest memorial on The National Mall.

The younger King told the crowd, "Let us not forget the ideals…he gave up his life for love, peace, equality."

Celebrations leading up to the official dedication to the 30 foot monument offered a meaning throwback to the kind of activism that became Dr. King's signature statement.

That's why it easy for him understand that he support protestors of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"There's nothing wrong with people making money, "King said "I want people to make as money as they can, but there has to be in a responsible way and it shouldn't be in the hands of one percent."

Before the official dedication of the statue, he spoke about what he calls troubling disparities.

"That's a remedy for society collapsing and we're too great of a society for that to happen," King said.

Critical moments of 20th century American history were shaped by his father, and by discovering his own voice Martin Luther King III questions how his iconic dad would react to current social conditions based on past struggles.

"I think my dad, I would like to think he's smiling, but it's difficult to smile when the plight of people is so tragic in 2011," he said."Nobody could have forecasted this plight."

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