Matheson Bridge gets facelift

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For years, the Matheson Bridge guarding the gateway into Charlotte's NoDa district, sat riddled with vulgar graffiti.

Now, as drivers speed under the bridge, they slow down to see the art that's replaced it.

William Puckett has spent the last 7 months on his knees with a paintbrush in hand. He's covered most of the east side of the underpass with artistic representations of Mecklenburg's history.

The project was made possible by an arts group in NoDa. They proposed the idea to paint the underpass to Charlotte's Arts and Science Council and got a grant to pay for it. William Puckett presented his ideas and was chosen to do the work.

His plan is to cover the pillars and embankment on both sides of the bridge with scenes from Mecklenburg's beginning.

He also plans to be finished with the mural on May 20th 2012.