Family and football at York High School

YORK, SC (WBTV) - A feel-good story hidden in the football team at York High School, all led by Coach Bobby Carroll.

Coach Carroll is known for developing the Stallions football program at South Pointe and he stayed there for six years. Now the coach is settling in to his new home away from home.

York High is not only where he attended, but also where his son, Spencer, goes. Family was the driving force behind Coach Carroll switching schools.

Of course with every move there is good and bad but the benefits of having time with Spencer outnumber any negatives. This is Coach Carroll's seventh year as head coach but first as his son's.  When asked about the challenges of coaching a family member, he remained cool, collected, and confident in his son.

"It's easy we have a great relationship. He wants to get into coaching and he understands the criticism and corrections that may be needed. You just expect perfection out of your own son."

He briefly commented on the positives of switching schools in relation to the location of the school: York is a one school town and all eyes are on it. It [York] has wonderful first class facilities and people who want the program to flourish. He is grateful for the tremendous support from the community and the administration.

The combination of drive and dedication has led to the current York 6 and 2 record and a tighter bond between father and son.

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