Some banks are trying to win your business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Not all banks are jacking up fees.

Some are tapping in to your frustration, and using it as a way to jack up their business instead - think of it as one banking trend that could be mutually beneficial.

Take Fifth Third.

It is extending its hours at 13 branches in our area, to make it convenient for people looking for a new bank to come in and check it out, and if you decide to open up a checking account, Fifth Third will pay you $150 bucks.

That's you. It also offers up to ten free withdrawals from any ATM per month.

And then there's Ally Bank. At a time when its competitors are adding monthly debit card fees, Ally is introducing a debit card rewards program.

Ally also offers free checking with no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirement, and says you can use any ATM you want as many times as you want and it will reimburse you for all the fees.

Ally is an Internet bank, but when it comes to getting good bank deals these days,you might be better off surfing the web than walking in a branch.  Remember, many banks are starting to charge you for face time with a teller.

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