See, Click, Fix: Broken park bench gets fixed

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - "I mean somebody's responsible for it. They just keep passing the buck," says Airy Anthony.

That's what the school crossing guard said last month when we met him, frustrated that he couldn't get anyone with the city or county to fix this park bench outside his crossing guard post.

It sits in front of Thomasboro Elementary School on Bradford Drive. (Click here to see the original story.)

But Airy is singing a different tune now. "Looks good. Looks great. Good job," he says tapping the bench.

Made up of the two metal legs and no wooden slats - the bench is now fixed.

"I was so surprised and so happy because it took me three years of trying to get someone to come just to repair these benches," says Airy.

He asked See, Click, Fix to step in and help. The city of Charlotte and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools had no record of putting the benches there. So we called Mecklenburg Park and Rec who said they had some extra wooden slats in storage they were happy to use. They went out the same week to install it. The bench is like brand new.

"The neighborhood looks so much better. And I really want to thank you guys for coming out," says Airy to WBTV.

The crossing guard of 13 years can now get his restful breaks without sitting on the folding metal chair he brought to work everyday.

"WBTV [is] on our side," he says laughing. "I heard that on the TV."

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