District Attorney's Office plans to start Domestic Violence Team

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -- Every 15 seconds in the United States a woman is beaten. Police say they get more calls for domestic violence related issues than almost anything else.

Now the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office is trying to combat the problem with a new approach. Starting next year, the office hopes to have a Domestic Violence Team in place to prosecute those crimes and give them special attention.

Assistant District Attorney Jamie Adams knows the cycle of violence well. She's been prosecuting domestic violence cases in Mecklenburg the past four years. District Attorney Andrew Murray tapped Adams to lead the new team.

It was a campaign promise of Murray's to start the team. "We're going to train these members of the team...to deal with the unique needs of DV cases," said Murray.

The team will take on more kinds of cases, too. Currently, a burglary with an element of domestic violence goes to an Assistant District Attorney who handles property crimes. Now a special domestic violence prosecutor would be assigned the case.

Adams says those prosecutors will better understand the victims, and help the cases move forward even when the victim wants to back down from prosecution.

"We can actually prove the case in certain circumstances without having the victim in court," said Adams.

She hopes fewer cases with domestic violence elements will be dismissed.

It's about holding abusers accountable and taking the pressure of victims to prosecute, she said.

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