Accused illegal immigrant pimp due in federal court today

Filemon Guzman-Martinez (Courtesy: Mecklenburg County Jail)
Filemon Guzman-Martinez (Courtesy: Mecklenburg County Jail)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The man federal authorities said was running a prostitution ring out of a southwest Charlotte home is set to be arraigned in federal court Thursday morning.

Filemon Guzman-MartineZ, who is also believed by feds to be in the country illegally, will also have a detention hearing, records show.

According to the criminal complaint filed in federal court last week, Homeland Security Investigation Special Agent Nathan Peachy along with a team of investigators received information about possible suspects living in Charlotte as a result of an ongoing prostitution investigation in New York.

"Phone records showed one of the suspect cellular telephone numbers had been located in the vicinity of 5726 Southampton Rd.," Peachy wrote.

When Peachy and investigators went to the home, Filemon Guzman-Martinez met them at the door. Peachy said Guzman-Martinez let investigators into the home and gave them permission to search.

What agents found, the compliant alleges, was evidence of a prostitution ring. "There were numerous copies of a business card throughout the residence. This business card had pictures of Hispanic women posed and dressed in a sexually suggestive manner," the document read.

During their search, Peachy said more evidence was found in the room of a woman who was also inside the home. "Agents found a bulk package of condoms," as well as "two notebooks listing names and phone numbers."

Those numbers, Peachy wrote, had area codes assigned to locations in the Carolinas, Georgia and New York.

He said the woman whose room, where the items were said to be found, admitted to investigators that she had been arrested previously for prostitution in Illinois.
The home is on a relatively quiet street, neighbors said, only noticing foot and vehicle traffic pick up after sunset.

"It was a lot of women; at dusk you would see cars pull up and women going in with their bags and stuff," neighbor Ronald Caldwell told, "most of [the cars] would go down to the corner and wait and as one car would leave, another one would pull up."

Guzman-Martinez, a native of Mexico, admitted he kept prostitutes at the home, which he was renting, records show.

The owner of the home, located through a search of city records, could not be reached for comment. The owner faces no charges in connection to the bust.

Guzman-Martinez is scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate later this week.

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