Stretching Your Dollar: 3 ways to save when heating your home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  Imagine saving 40% on your energy bill over the course of a year.  With the price it costs to heat and cool your house, it sounds pretty good.

Energy Tight auditing service makes it their business to find out how you can save on heating and cooling your home.  The company was awarded the Super Service Award from Angie's List. 

I met Mitchell Mullen at a home a Charlotte home that had recently been renovated, new paint, new flooring.  It looked fantastic on the surface, but underneath, there were some issues with energy efficiency.

Standing inside the attic, Mullen explained how small cracks and rips in duct work is one of the biggest culprits for waste.

"It becomes a problem because that's air that's escaping and basically you're cooling your attic or you're heating your attic depending on the season and that's not good that's just a waste of energy," he said.

Mullen and the energy auditors at Energy Tight spend hours walking through homes, using high tech gear like their thermal imaging camera to find the hidden places your home is leaking air, and leaking energy, which money out of your pocket. 

The cost of the audits vary according to the size of your home, they start at 300 dollars.

Mullen first recommends you make sure you have a new programmable thermostat.  They are easy to install and should always be kept in a room, not big open space.

Next, check your duct system carefully. Even the smallest tear in duct work can mean money and energy wasted.  Insulating your duct system also keeps your heated or cooled air at the right temperature when it arrives inside your home.

Energy Tight experts also pointed out to me outside air avenues are easy to spot just by looking at your insulation.  "When you see this discoloration, you know the insulation is acting almost like a filter and the air is passing right through, which is wasting you money.

This fall, on top of your regular winterizing check list, add duct work, thermostat and leaks in insulated areas.  If you would rather the leave the audits to Energy Tight click here to learn more about their services.

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