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JV games canceled as players fill varsity football team after hazing allegations

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - Ten high school football players have been permanently suspended from the team after allegations of hazing hit the school.

According to the Clover School District superintendent, 10 of the 13 football players who were accused in multiple accounts of hazing have been removed from the team.

All 13 players were suspended from school for five days and will return on Monday, October 17th.

Clover's freshman team is unaffected and will play its remaining schedule.

On October 12, Clover School District officials said the remaining four games of the junior varsity football team have been canceled and all players have been promoted to the varsity team to fill the empty roster spots.

All of the players involved in the allegat

ions are seniors, according to school officials.

The York County Sheriff's Office says it's investigating three separate incidents, involving three different victims.

Police reports show two of the victims are 14 and 15-years-old. The reports involving the younger players state they felt it was "just a routine hazing."

The reports state the alleged incidents happened at various times in September and the incidents were reported to school administrators.

All of the incidents reportedly carried "sexual threats" but Clover School District Superintendent Marc Sosne says no incidents involved sexual assault. 

"In one of the cases, one of the students said that some of the older students did try to remove his pants, pull his pants down, pushing him and slapping him and those types of thing," said Sosne.

Sosne told WBTV on Monday that no students had come forward to administrators. He say that the coach had overheard students talking and began an investigation with the school's principal.

All three incidents happened in the boys' locker room around football practice, Frost said. In one incident, Sosne said a student was grabbed behind the backside of a school building, where there was no camera, and pulled into the locker room.

Sosne told WBTV that he believes the incidents are "cultural hazing," saying that he believes older students may have been victims in the past. He says school officials are working to break the culture at the school.

"Thus far, the Sheriff's Office has identified three students who report being a victim of hazing," said Lieutenant Mike Baker with the York County Sheriff's Office. "The suspects in this investigation have been identified as being members of the Clover High School football team."

According to Lieutenant Baker, the York County Sheriff's Office has an open investigation into allegations of hazing and is helping question the students involved in the allegations.

"This investigation is ongoing and the determination of any potential criminal charges would not be made until after an investigation is complete," Baker told WBTV.

The Clover School District is fully cooperating with the Sheriff's Office and has been since the allegations came to surface, Lt. Baker told WBTV.

When the Clover Eagles took the field on Friday night, many fans did not want to talk about the situation.

Clinton McMackins said, "It gets to everybody, because it's a big story and everybody knows everybody and you don't know what to think of it."

One football player's mother says she doesn't know if she'll let her son return to school after the alleged incident.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified, says her 17-year-old son was questioned by police about the allegations on October 6. Her son is a junior at Clover and has played football for 3 years.

"My son is very devastated right now. He doesn't feel very comfortable at this particular moment. He feels like he is shunned out by some of his peers."

So far, no arrests have been made.

The mother of one of the victims says she thinks the players involved in the reported incidents should be expelled and hopes if there are more victims they will come forward.

"I believe that parents need to address their kids more often. Ask them how their day is going. Try to keep an open communication. With this incident some kids are ashamed to expose such a thing," the mother told WBTV.

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