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Credit unions are seeing a spike in business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Executives at Bank of America had a pretty good idea that their customers would be angry about the bank's new fees, but they were betting those customers wouldn't actually take the time to move their finances.

Over the past week, however, people like Kathy have started proving those executives wrong.

"I will not do business with Bank of America," Kathy told us today (asking that we not print her last name). "I'm not going to tolerate all the fees. They make more than enough money with the money that I leave in the accounts."

For many big bank customers, the last straw has arrived.

"I just got a notice in the mail that two more of my accounts are adding that stupid five dollar debit thing," Kathy said.

She won't have to worry about that now though...because now she banks at Charlotte Metro Credit Union. Nicol Morris is the COO there.

"We have no plans on charging for our debit card," Morris says. "And we currently offer free checking and have no plans of changing that either."

So why is it credit unions can get by without adding charges big banks say they need?

"I have a quick answer for you," Morris says. "We don't have shareholders. We have our members. And so if you open an account , you become a member, and that is who we serve."

BofA CEO Brian Moynihan reacted to the debit card controversy by saying he's obligated to make shareholders money, and he says new federal rules are forcing the bank to fish that money from the pockets of their customers.

Hearing that, many financial advisors agree with Morris - they say credit unions are a better fit for consumers now.

"If they have automatic drafts of payments we have a form to help them do that," Morris says. "If they want to come in, we'll complete it for them, we'll even mail it out."

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