Stretching Your Dollar: Jenny's number saves money

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  It is incredible how much you can save with using your rewards cards shopping.   These days it seems every store offers some kind of customer reward program.

You sign up, give them some personal information, and they give you a car for your key chain that enables you the discounts.

But I found a blogger who points out the dangers of giving out those 10 precious personal numbers.  Adam Dachis suggests using "Jenny's Number", 867-5309 from Tommy Tutone's 1982 hit.

I went to Gateway Village outside uptown Charlotte, and Park Road Shopping Center.  After asking 9 shoppers, the general consensus was, the discounts are great, but the emails that follow, not so good.

Anna Lemley of Charlotte is signed up for several programs.  I asked her, "What kind of information do you give? Too much, I give email, phone, and address."  Anna says she has to then sift through email after email from stores to get to the important emails in her inbox.

When I asked the shoppers if they knew "Jenny's Number", I was amazed at the response.  Ryan Heald is only 21 and rattled off the digits with ease, "867-5309.  I asked, how do you know that number, you weren't even born?  It's still on the radio, and it's catchy!"

I won't say what area code I used, but I did try Jenny's number at five different stores and out of the five, three had the numbers registered and I got the discount without the hassle of forms and emails.

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